Residential and Commercial

Do you have the perfect setting for an outdoor escape but are restricted by the weather?

Advanced Design Innovation’s patented Retrac Louvres™ are Australia’s only Australian designed, engineered and manufactured, motorised, retractable louvres on the market.

Retractable Shading Louvre

With the touch of a button these unique and stylish Retrac Louvres™ can rotate, retract and extend. With an opening of over 70% (when retracted), you will no longer be restricted in enjoying the morning sun. However, if rain threatens the party simply extend and close to create a fully sealable roof, making Retrac Louvres™ the ultimate way to manage glare, heat and shelter from the wet weather.

Retrac Louvres™ are made from Aluminium and powder coated in any colour of your choice. Each louvre can be up to 5 metres in length and the entire track can be extended to 7 metres.
If you require a larger area to be covered, the team at ADI can construct and design multiple bays to be positioned side by side or in any order as required.

Add a little luxury and additional weather protection by adding side Retrac Louvres™. This can also assist with ventilation and wind protection.

Residential: Patios, verandas, over pools and modular patios
Commercial: Outdoor eateries, bars, Cafés and lunch areas


Retrac Louvres™ Roofs offer a seamless fusion of style and utility. With adjustable louvres, you have complete control over sunlight and airflow, allowing you to create the perfect ambience. Whether it’s shielding yourself from the sun’s rays or letting in a gentle breeze, these roofs adapt effortlessly to your desires.

Transform your patios, decks, and outdoor areas into sophisticated retreats. Precision engineering ensures smooth operation and resilience in all weather conditions. Crafted from premium materials, these roofs are not only functional but also stand as a statement of refined craftsmanship.

But it’s not just about aesthetics; Retrac Louvres™ Roofs add value to your property. Impress your guests while enhancing your lifestyle with these remarkable roofing solutions.

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