For homes and businesses with large areas of glass, it’s a challenge to deal with the movement of the sun through the working day. Retrac Louvres™(Facades) from Advanced Design Innovations are vertical automated retractable and rotatable louvres which allow occupants to maximise their use of available space, while providing a pleasant environment throughout the day.

During the morning, the louvres can be fully retracted automatically, allowing occupants to enjoy unobstructed views and abundant natural light. Then in the afternoon, when heat and glare from the sun become an issue, the louvres can be closed and a comfortable environment can be maintained.

Retrac Louvres: helping buildings make better use of space

Louvres can extend up to 8000mm in one direction x 3500mm high. Louvres available in either 200mm or 300mm elliptical shapes. Stack up distance is 28% of total opening.
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Retrac Louvres Wall Outside Retracted

Louvres retracted. Retrac Louvres also make cleaning windows easier. Because the louvres can be “stacked” out of the way, full access is available for window cleaning, apart from the small section behind the stacked louvres.

Retrac Louvres Wall Outside Closed

Many buildings use internal blinds or curtains to control heat and glare. However, these solutions only reduce radiant heat load in the building by 20%. By stopping heat before it enters the building, Retrac Louvres™(Facades) reduce heat load by an impressive 100% (Source: Arup Mechanical Services).

Interior curtains or blinds also make it difficult to use all the available interior space in an office – uncomfortable “hot zones” near the windows mean furniture has to be set back. Retrac Louvres, on the other hand, allow every square metre of space of a room to be used.

Retrac Louvres Wall Outside 1

Louvres can be stopped at any position.

Retrac Louvre Obstacle Detection System can detect if someone is in the path of the louvres as they extend.

This is especially important for louvres located in front of sliding windows that lead out to a patio area.

Retrac Louvres Wall Outside Fingers

Retrac Louvre Rotational Obstacle Detection system ensures people cannot be injured if body parts are placed in their path when they are closing.

Retrac Louvres Wall Close Up Lower

Retrac Louvres Wall Outside Close Up

Retrac Louvres Wall Inside

Louvres stacked looking from inside.


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