Designed by Renzo Piano in Sydney is a residential and commercial development that incorporates an intricate glass louvre mechanism in the balcony areas of the residential apartments. This building “Aurora Place” is an award winning landmark.

Director, Michael Whytlaw of Advanced Design Innovations was engaged at Arup Façade Engineering as an employee to design the intricate mechanism. The design brief was to create operable glass louvres supported within a glass mullion framework. The operating mechanism to rotate the louvres mullions was also incorporated within the glass mullion framework. Locating an intricate mechanism within the glass mullions was a huge challenge and pushed the engineering to it’s limits. The design challenge is to bring two opposing objectives together and meet somewhere in the middle: To create a mechanism that allows for practical installation and ongoing maintenance, whilst still achieving the strong design intent of the architect. We believe we achieved those two objectives in this landmark project.
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