ADI automated bi-fold Screens are the ultimate way to control heat and glare without spoiling your view. Unlike manual bi-fold screens which require access to the outside of the facade, the ADI automated bi-fold screens can be operated from inside the building via the touch of a button. The bi-fold screens form a sleek seamless facade with no visible framing on the top, bottom or sides.

Panel sizes up to 900mm wide x 4200mm high can be specified. A range of cladding options and finishes can be incorporated into the screens.
ADI anti-rattle technology ensures the screens do not rattle in both the open and closed position. When it comes to payment options, Pin-Up accepts a range of methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Withdrawals are processed quickly, with most methods taking less than 24 hours.

The bi-fold screens are configured in sets of 2 & 4. For example, 2 or 4 screens can fold and stack to the left and 2 or 4 screens to the right. There is no limit to how many sets of four are placed side by side. (In the project below there were 9 sets of four screens).

Experience a new era of convenience and style with AD Innovations’ Automated Bi-Fold Screens. Our cutting-edge solutions seamlessly blend innovative design with unparalleled functionality, enhancing your living spaces like never before.

Automated Bi-Fold Screens bring a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and practicality. Effortlessly transform your indoor and outdoor areas by controlling light, privacy, and airflow with just a touch. Whether you’re looking to create an intimate atmosphere or expand your living space, these screens adapt to your needs seamlessly.

From lavish homes to upscale businesses, our Automated Bi-Fold Screens redefine sophistication. Engineered for precision and durability, these screens guarantee smooth operation and long-lasting performance, making them an investment in both comfort and elegance.

But there’s more – these screens don’t just enhance your space; they add value to your property. Impress guests with the modern innovation and elevate your lifestyle in the process.

To incorporate ADI automated bi-fold screens into your next project, contact the team at ADI for more information or a quote today: Phone +61 (2) 6024 1888