Our Story

Michael Whytlaw, founder of Advanced Design Innovations, has over 20 years experience working as a Mechanical Engineer, 9 of which has been in Bespoke and Customised Engineering. He has worked on Projects in NSW, SA, Qld and Victoria, and more recently has picked up projects overseas.

Michael’s inspiration to set up his own bespoke engineering business,  started in 1997 when he was employed by Ove Arups and was engaged to come up with a design for a new and innovative mechanism for the glass louvre panels on Renzo Piano’s Aurora Place building (an award-winning, landmark mixed use development in the heart of Sydney’s CBD). The design process required rethinking the way standard louvres operate, as Renzo wanted the gears exposed. This presented a unique design constraint, as the driving mechanism that operated the louvres had to be incorporated into these glass mullions. Because the glass louvre panels (which were 1.2 m long each) were supported by glass mullions, Michael had to design a mechanism and use plastic sleeves over the gears to avoid the glass breaking.

Michael ventured off  and started his design of the Retrac Louvres™ which were the Worlds First Rotatable & RETRACTABLE Louvres for Roofs.

More recently, due to the growth and expansion of the business, Michael opened his own Factory in Wodonga West so he could continue the manufacturing of his unique products and solutions with his experienced team of Design Draftsmen and Project Managers.

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