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At Advanced Design Innovations, we design, fabricate and install engineering solutions for Architects and Builders in the high end commercial & residential market.

We have developed versatile steel products with a large range of applications in commercial and residential architecture. Our products solve frequently encountered problems in unique and elegant ways.

As the forefront of innovation, we specialize in crafting, fabricating, and installing engineering marvels that redefine the architectural landscape for high-end commercial and residential domains.

Our legacy lies in the creation of adaptable steel marvels that seamlessly integrate into the tapestry of both commercial and residential architecture. We take immense pride in presenting our distinguished range of products:

  1. Retrac Louvres-Roofs: Elevate your outdoor experience with our retractable louvres, blending aesthetics and function effortlessly.
  2. Retrac Louvres™ FACADES: Redefine building aesthetics with our visionary louvre facades, fusing style and utility seamlessly.
  3. Automated Bi-Fold Screens: Elevate convenience and style with transformative screens that redefine your living spaces.
  4. Horizontal Bi-Fold Systems: Witness a new dimension of versatility with our systems that redefine how spaces unfold.
  5. Auto Sliding Screens: Experience elegance in motion as our sliding screens redefine the boundaries of spatial design.
  6. Outdoor Heaters: Extend your outdoor enjoyment with our innovative heaters, making every moment outdoors cozy and memorable.

Our products are more than solutions – they are statements of architectural brilliance. Connect with us at +61 2 6024 1888 and embark on a journey to revolutionize your space.


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We DESIGN, FABRICATE and INSTALL engineering solutions for architects and builders in the high end residential and commercial markets. We define what we do as Engineering Artistry and take pride in delivering beautiful solutions for our clients who want that Signature Element in their home. Contact us on: (02) 6024 1888 or 0425 295 353

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