Roofs (residential and commercial)

Do you have the perfect setting for an outdoor escape but are restricted by the weather?

Advanced Design Innovation’s patented Retrac Louvres™ are the ultimate way to manage your climate control in your outdoor area without spoiling your view, ruining the ambiance or restricting you to the indoors. They automatically rotate and retract to allow the perfect amount of sunlight desired during the daytime to shine through.

The Louvres are made from Aluminium and powder coated in any colour of your choice. Each louvre can be up to 5 metres in length and the entire track can extend the louvres out to 5.8 metres.

If you require a larger area to be covered, the team at ADI can construct and design multiple bays to be positioned side by side or in any order as  required.

These unique and stylish Retrac Louvres™ can be stacked to 28% of their opening space, can be fully extended and then closed to form a fully sealable roof. This is perfect for those busy occasions when you have either a full house or just a cold and rainy evening when you want your guests to have the luxury of staying outdoors.

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6300mm Wide Retrac Louvres 720x480

Cantilevered Retrac Louvres 720x480