Internal Retrac Timber Louvres:



Advanced Design Innovations is proud to introduce our latest product in the Retrac Louvre Suite: Internal Retrac Timber Louvres.

The timber louvres when closed, at first glance appear to be a beautiful timber lining along one of the internal walls. After a few seconds the wall of louvres are rotated 90 degrees and allows the sunshine to pour into the room.  By retracting the louvres, the entire wall stacks to one end and leaves a view completely open. It is the ultimate alternative to curtain s or traditional venetian blinds.

The louvres shown in the photos below are made from a 400mm wide x 38mm extruded aluminium profile with a timber veneer affixed to each side. A rubber seal is incorporated between each louvre to maximise the “blackout” effect within the room when they are closed. Elongated cut-outs exist in the end louvres to accommodate a winder shaft for a separate ventilation louvre system (Also supplied by ADI). The louvres shown in this project were operated manually by a brass ball chain loop. One chain is for rotating the louvres and the other chain is for retracting and extending them. An option is available operate the louvres by motors so it is fully automated. The maximum height of the louvres is 3500mm and maximum length the louvres can be extended and retracted is 10m.

If the Internal Retrac Timber Louvres are to be incorporated into a room, the length of the room should be sized to accommodate the standard pitch between the louvres so half or quarter sized louvres are not required. Contact Advanced Design Innovations for more information for your own installation.
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Internal Louvres Retracted